About Us


Our names are Carly and Charley and we are two 14 year old girls who co-founded the Odd-Sox Project in November, 2015.

Based on our own unique style of wearing 2’ different single’ socks, we came up with the idea to collect everyone’s “useless single socks” and transform them into much needed pairs for the homeless. As of June 2016, we have collected over 80,000 pairs of socks. For more information about The Odd Sox Project please click here www.odd-sox.org

After being contacted by many generous people worldwide on how to donate, we came up with the idea to design our own sock line. We both love being designers and young entrepreneurs. We are very passionate about helping others.

This is very important to us and plays significant role in our business.

Therefore, for every set of Carly and Charley’s Single Sox sold, we will donate pair of socks to those in need.

Our socks tell a story. They are very unique and solve the common household problem of the missing single sock. We provide you with one odd pair + one spare making our socks Fun 2 Wear.

This is how Carly and Charley’s Single Sox was born!